This project is solving the ArduSat challenge.

This project aims to develop a node Arduino code and Python code for the Raspberry Pi, that can be used to interface various sensors / actuators and maintain a redundant SPI/ USB comm. link with the Arduino, the raspberry Pi can send send in various commands to Arduino to control sensors /actuators connected to the Arduino.


  1. Makes sure that a Rogue Code does not get on the Arduino
  2. Helps to develop an API for the user interractions
  3. SPI uses redundant channels to achieve fault tolerant communication
  4. Secure encrypted connection for Admins to update Arduino Firmware
  5. Can setup up threshold for user interactions
  6. Multi- node approach reduces risk of single point faults

High Level System Design

system design

Protocol structure(RFC!)

system design

Work Completed

  1. Build Prototype of System Using serial UART
  2. Link it to web2py framework for demo
  3. Create basic Protocol for Digital Write/ Digital Read / Analog Read (Prototype build using Arduino UNO)

Project Information

License: MIT License
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