This project is solving the ArduSat challenge.

The Atlanta ArduSat team launched an "internet of things" framework for experimenters, where an autonomous template kit can be deployed rapidly to Arduino and Raspberry Pi in an Ardusat, to obtain sensor data through a webservice.

Choosing to deploy or build on this project would let beginners and advanced experiments easily access the ArduSat sensor data from their browser, apps or integrated systems, for a variety of sensors bundled into the template.

To account for space communication disturbances, all data can also be locally stored via an SD card and retransmitted later. The meaningful processing of the samples can then be as complex as necessary in their webapp or mobile app, without modifying the satellite.

Our project uses an Arduino UNO outfitted with an SD card reader and the following sensors:
- Digital Temperature Sensor (TMP 102)
- Inertial Unit: Gyroscope/ Accelerometer (ADXL345/ITG-3200)
- Digital Luminosity Light Sensor (TSL2561)
- Magnetometer (MAG3110)
- Infrared Thermometer (MLX90614)

Project Information

License: LGPL
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