This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.

Our design concept consists of a 4-stage plan to deploy a sustainable and deploy-able greenhouse onto the Martian surface.

Stage 1: Using the Falcon Heavy SpaceX Rocket and the landing concept from the SpaceX Grasshopper as payload, delivery and landing systems respectively.

Stage 2: Using an Vasimir Ion Drive (5000 Isp) for propulsion during the cruise stage, which would take approximately 3 months travel time.

Stage 3: During decent stage, heat shield will be detached once payload is through atmosphere, where it will then deploy parachutes and active retrorockets to reduce velocity.

Stage 4: Payload lands and unfolds into 2 flatpacked greenhouses with a nuclear fission generator inbetween. The greenhouses then inflate and begins crop production.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
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