Mars Atmosphere consist of 90% of CO2. If we can change the Atmosphere of Mars,it will lead to proper landing to carry out research work for life existence. My idea suggests practical techniques [Cloud Seeding & HAARP] that are being performed on Earth's Atmosphere.Then why not on Mars? Apart from that the plan also include deployment of Artificial Greenhouse in the space within a satellite or Energy Space Station. The greenhouse mentioned is simple and easy to manufacture.

This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.


 “   Rainfall on Mars  ”

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand" - Neil Armstrong.

The Entire Process takes place in two phases ->

(I) Phase 1- Installation of Floating Greenhouses.

According to the need of challenge Deployable Greenhouse , this phase is very simplified version of so-called Artificial Greenhouse installed on a Space Station or in a Satellite near mars orbit.

Step1- The task is to collect the good quality lightbulbs(fused) from wastes of various sizes and shape but care must be taken about their strength and handling.

Step2- We need to make small lightbulb greenhouse and plough the seeds of those plants which produce vegetables or fruits beneath the surface(underground).

Step3- We need to install these small greenhouses on a platform so that they remain fixed to base .

Step4- The outer boundary of the whole systems must be protected by automatic doors driven by Arduino . The supply for board will be provided by Solar Panels.

Step5- There would be a Monitoring Systems which includes pressure and temperature sensors. The parameters are controlled by Embedded System. The door opening will be based on the greenhouse parametes so that plants remain safe.

Step6- These systems can be kept in any satellite or Energy Space Station.

Step7- Deployment of these bases in Space.

This Phase is very fruitful ! Since vegetable can be collected at regular intervals with the feasibility of soil restoration. Therefor at regular intervals we can have proper and nutritious food supply to astronauts.

(II) Phase2 ->

The idea includes following - (i) Study of Chemicals so that when allowed to react with C02 produce water or N2 or O2. (ii) These chemicals will be filled inside shuttle in large volumes. (iii) These chemicals are sprayed above the Mars Atmosphere so that a chemical reaction take place. (iv) CO2 levels will decrease in Mars atmospher and therefore suitable conditions for landing will arise. (v) Installation of Space Energy Stations to meet out fuel requirement.

Techniques used -

(i) Carbon Sequestration through Cloud Seeding. [ Study of Chemical reactions which can covert CO2 into water or any salt. Implementation is done by the help of Cloud Seeding technique. Thereby converting CO2 present in Mars Atmosphere to salt and water. A general chemical reaction can be Base(aq) + CO2(g) -> Salt + Water. eg. Ca(OH)2 + CO2 -> CaCO3 + H2O. CaCo3 will reduce acid rain effect and H20 will result in Rainfall ]

(ii) H.A.R.P. technology to change Mars Atmosphere .

Action -> To make a chemical reaction in the atmosphere of mars so that the CO2 levels can be decreased and simultaneous water generation is also possible. [Practically possible because gases in Mars Atmosphere are separated from each other at certain levels unlike on earth being in mix form.]

Conclusion -> The idea is possible and very practical since the technologies involved in it have been developed and tested by scientist on Earth . So if they are practically possible why can't we perform the same thing in the Mars atmosphere. The project will be a success if implemented by scientist resulting in existence of Life on Mars.

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