This project is solving the We Love Data challenge.

We take NASA's site itself as the fruits of their long-time exploration through space. If we can provide a new and more fun way to access the huge archive, it would help people re-discover NASA's wonderful achievements that are full of possibilities toward the future.

So we attempt to redesign the NASA Sitemap. The NASA websites are incredibly large and complicated. There are so many useful information, resources and data but unfortunately, they are not well-organized.

Essentially, maps are fun, interesting and exciting to see and they stimulate your imagination. Wonders, secrets and discoveries are waiting for you. On the contrary, site maps are rather dry and sometime boring and useless. The NASA site map is not an exception, we'd have to say. The reason why we can't enjoy looking at site maps is that they are just a list. Well, then, if we have some ways to explore the sea of information, it would be more fun, wouldn't it?

Our map - The Cosmic Surfer's Guide is a picture map. So many exciting things are everywhere. Come on let's explore it! You'll find a lot of great things and have fun sharing them with others!

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