Rocket launch is a fun and interactive game designed especially for children of young ages to teach them about space. The children will learn various facts about space and space exploration, understand the basic principles of space travel and have fun at the same time. The goal of the game is to launch a rocket into space and answer questions about space exploration based on information given in the game to obtain points and upgrade their rocket to improve it and be able to complete the game.

This project is solving the Reach For the Stars challenge.



We aim to develop a game for mobile and desktop platforms in which kids learn about rockets and satellites by launching rockets into outer space. The game has two components: an educational part, in which they are presented with information about satellites, rockets and various milestones in satellite orbits, and later, they need to answer some questions based on the information presented, and a game component in which they can design and configure their own rocket and launch it into space, with the goal of reaching a certain altitude.

One of the key aspects of this project is that the game uses a real physical engine. The rocket characteristics are real values expressed in international measurement unites (e.g. size, weight, fuel consumption, fuel efficiency etc.) which leads to a quite accurate modelling of the rockets acceleration and speed.

How to play?

The game is very easy and intuitive to play. The user can control the rocket with the two left and right arrows on the screen. In order for the rocket to move the user must keep pressing the left or right arrow. This will make the rocket move in the desired direction. Since the model behind the rocket is a physical model, users can easily notice inertia even when the thrusters of the rocket are not powered (left or right engines).

The input can be:

  1. touch based (using a touchscreen)
  2. mouse based (using a normal mouse)

The level finishes when the users reaches a specific altitude (e.g. first level is ended when the user reaches an altitude of 215km, the altitude of Sputnik1). After each level the user gets a series of questions and based on his score (each correct answer is one point), the user can upgrade his rocket. Without upgrading his rocket the user will not be able to finish future levels.

Each collision with an object, a satellite or an asteroid, will affect the speed of the rocket. Too many collisions will result in not being able to finish the game and the rocket will start descending and eventually crash.

Running info

The games has been tested and working in the following web browsers:

  1. Google Chrome - Mac OS X
  2. Google Chrome - Windows 7/8
  3. Safari - iPad

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
Source Code/Project URL:


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