My Project is to control many small satellites with different functions and align them in space so that all those can perform a given global task. These system will not only help improving work of a satellite but it will also help in reducing load on the satellites.If one satellite does down, then there are others that will take it's place and perform that task unlike when there is only one satellite boarding all the instruments and malfunction in one of the device will cause problem to other.


Aim:- Controlling Alignment formation for improving work efficiency of multiple small satellites with different functions. Steps to achieve Aim:- 1. Testing of formation control by using swarm robots on ground by writing an algorithm that is segmented into control , formation and check if attained or not. 2. Changing the control algorithm to work with aerial robots such as quad copter and applying formation algorithm on it. 3. Simulating the physics of the environment and deploying virtual quad copters with reduced gravity but not equal to micro gravity or zero gravity and at atmospheric pressure and temperature. 4. Last step was the simulation with modified control function capable of controlling quad copters in zero gravity environment.

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