Science Updates Distribution is currently at the earliest initial stage as a starting-up web-fan page at that intends to be developed in forms of a non-profit science information management service towards an educative and civil-protection orientation and to be activated by undergraduate and postgraduate students and members of Universities and Institutes as well as by other science and technology enthusiasts.


Science Updates Distribution concept considers new scientists affection to collect and reproduce (distribute) science news and studies' results as well as to promote scientific events and induce Research&Development products and applications to the society in terms of science communication for education delivered through common social networking interaction, aiming at the effective introduction of advanced satellite and internet systems' services,scientific tools, data and products in our everyday life.

[ Science Updates Distribution initiative stands for global cooperation and partnership within the R&D Offices of Agencies, Universities and Institutions, laboratories etc on areas such as Aerospace, Remote Sensing&Earth Observation, Astronomy, Geophysics, Meteorology, Ecology&Climatology, Renewable Energy, Fundamental Research and cutting-edge Technology with a special emphasis on Environmental Surveillance, Disaster Management and Public Safety.]

The project's approach is more on providing a joint solution and following movement by launching this ongoing facebook blog experiment as a collaborative science communication attempt rather than participating in a competition as a complete proposal.

For the time being 4 sample applications are being tested as tabs : ΙSS Live Stream, Space Weather, Views of the Sun and Sat24

Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0
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Bik HM, Goldstein MC (2013) An Introduction to Social Media for Scientists. PLoS Biol 11(4): e100153 -
Live ISS Stream App ID/API Key 379662092150544 (experimental mode) -
Space Weather App ID/API Key 407146892717718 (experimental mode) -
Views of the Sun App ID/API Key 509104175818003 (experimental mode) -
Sat24 App ID/API Key 505565642838479 (experimental mode) -
iframehost application ( pointing your own Facebook Application to IFRAMEHOST) -
Giovanni Carrada (2006) Communicating Science A SCIENTIST'S SURVIVAL KIT ISBN 92-79-01947-3 -