Sismograph is a Seismic Notifications System that use seismic data to send information to a wide variety of mobile phones to alert individuals of the occurrences of significant earthquakes depending on the user locations. Sismographe provide SMS notifications to mobile phone networks and provide access to a web portal accessible from smart phones or computers. The project also considers the development of low-cost sensors using open source electronics architecture (Like Arduino or FreeScale).

This project is solving the We Love Data challenge.


The objective of Sismographe project is to create a notification system that can alert to a wide number of mobile phones network's users on real time or even time before the effects of High Magnitude Seismic events occurs.

The project also consider the integration with a hardware device or sensor to send real-time data through wired or wireless network to the core notifications system in order to get real time monitoring capabilities. On a Advance phase of the project, w’ll like to built a device alarm systems that can integrate to Sismpgraphe in order to alert you at home or enterprise.

Sismographe core functions:

  • Sismographe monitors seismic data:. Look for data sources that can be Software (An application, web service or database) or hardware (Sensor).

  • On relevant seismic events, Sismograph sends notifications via sms directly to a user or to mobile network operator( that can relay the messages to reduce cost).

  • On relevant seismic events, Sismograph push notifications to web portal or smartphone applications.

  • On relevant seismic events, Sismograph shall be able to push notifications home or enterprises alarm system device that can be build under open source electronic concept.

Seismographe is also available for smart phones or Personal Computer, interfaces.

Sismographe: A seismic alert notification system design to notify people massively using SMS and Push notifications, low-cost, low-maintainance seismic sensors built using micro controllers.

Project Information

License: MIT License
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