This project is solving the Smart Cities, Smart Climate challenge.

A sensor network for Exeter, UK and cool web visualisation!

Project Purpose: To create an open, easily accessible, unified realtime data engine into which data from a multitude of low cost sensors can be transformed into a common format and visualised or consumed.

Uses: Smart cities, smart buildings, control systems e.g. alerts/ actuators, urban climate analysis & forecasting and social data.

Approach: Two teams i) Sensor hardware ii) System & visualisation to investigate: Aginova Sentinal micro wifi temperature sensors – data captured using Python ECOID sensors – data parsed to COSM – heatwave simulation Birmingham sensor data – snapshot from 21 nodes – heatmap Leicester + London collaboration Switch systems database stack – central repository Heatwave visualisation/ internal building map (Django / Python)

Project Information

License: Apache License, Version 2.0
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