The project aims at improving the public understanding of science and space exploration by providing a user friendly platform for cataloging and sharing the sightings of Near earth object. The app is implemented on a Blackberry 10 platform and pulls its data from an Amazon Platform as a service hosted back-end. The app crowd-sources the discovery and confirmation NEOs by allowing people to comment, confirm and share the sightings on their favorite social networks.

This project is solving the Database of Near Earth Objects challenge.


The app name is Cosmic hub and is implemented on the Blackberry 10 platform, in addition to functionality of Identifying Near earth objects, the app provides the simulation of our solar system. this feature was added for improving the public understanding of science. The planet's orbits around the sun are calculated according to kepler's laws of planetary motion and the relative distances of these planets from the sun were accurately represented.

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License: GNU General Public License
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