Scientists face to a collection of Space Observations. A constellation of satellites is observing a set chosen targets. The observation schedule follows technical needs. We want to make their lives easier, waiting the data, they can access to those schedule from anywhere worldwide, as in any moment. We created a data server that concentrates and then supply those information for mobile access, in Ruby-On-Rails and noSQL; then two easy-to-use interactive calendars in IOS and Android mobile apps.

This project is solving the My Space Cal challenge.


The concept

We believe it is important to begin an effort to create a single hub that can unify the NASA, ESA, JAXA and ASI's datasets.

We believe that the creation of a mobile app, always available, make scientists' life a little easier.

Our goal is to collect all satellites' information from official websites and make them available on mobile platforms: we're going to build apps for both Android and iOS, and a webapp too.

Used technologies

We built a webserver with Ruby On Rails and noSQL that collects observations schedule from each official satellites' website and make them available with a JSON file. Moreover, we created an Android and an iOS app: with a slider menu you can easily access the preferences, choosing date range, satellites and instruments. Once you confirm your selection, the schedule in the chosen period will be shown in a calendar view and each day will be colored according to the number of records provided.


Here is the promo video for this project.

Here is a additional tutorial of the Android version.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
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