This project is solving the We Love Data challenge.

space-db is a rich, semantic, user contributed rocket launch, spacecraft, and launch event knowledge base. Its built on top of MediaWiki, the software which powers Wikipedia, with a Semantic and Data layer (Semantic Mediawiki plugin) to enable rich data querying and lightweight scripting. We have seen many sites of this type come and go and believe that building a community that can contribute to the content directly is the critical differentiator. We are completely built on the shoulders of our volunteers and we would love for you to join us!

The scope of the site could easily expand beyond rockets, spacecraft, and launches. Our site contains 722 launch vehicles, 30 spacecraft, and 7 launch sites. Please help us expand!

NOTE!!! The browser login & password for the login page (and signup page[6]) is jonverve

Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0
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[3] Example of SIMILE timeline of launches - -
[1] Lightweight ontology behind -
[2] Data source - Spacecraft launch records -
[4] Example of all launch sites in Google Maps - -
[5] Versions of Mediawiki and all plugins used on site - -
[6] Link to sign up for an account (browser username & password is jonverve) for -