This project is solving the Database of Near Earth Objects challenge.

An application that is based on the main website. However, this application can also be accessed through the smartphone based blackberry , android, iphone, windows phone and nokia 40 series.

Application platform that enables citizen astronomers to register, submit findings, and help rank the findings of other citizen astronomers. Findings that receive many positive rankings will be listed on a “potential candidates” list for new discoveries.

On the server side, in the form of a data mining application that will do the classifications and categories of data obtained from the astronomer. Also be made ​​of the relationship between data items with other data. So expect the data to be structured in order to further research.

All of these results can also be accessed via the website as the main media and smartphone applications. At the level of the client application will try to incorporate social media features and can make sharing on existing social media like facebook and twitter.

This is a combination of a function of social media, data mining and encyclopedia. The hope will bring benefits to the development of space science and technology

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License: Apache License, Version 2.0