The ALMA complex has a very large log system with a growing rate of about 1000 registers per second. In the case of an error or failure in a component of this system, it's log complexity makes very difficult to find the cause of the issue, requiring about an hour or more to get the right information. This delay could risk potentially an exploration window and a big amount of research time.

That's why we choose this ALMA Challenge, in order to lower the access times to a failure cause, getting only the right amount of info, correctly filtered and ordered in a human readable form.

In the 33 developing hours, we will try to understand the log system for a quick filter of register types and persistence on a database. After this our solution will provide this info on a Web page with an example set of graphs to show what can be done with this huge amount of info and a little time to order data and give gold minutes to space research.

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