SpaceHub opens NASA's projects to the community on Github. It is a PaaS-based solution that can sync tarballs, SVN, or Mercurial repositories to Github automatically. SpaceHub is not limited to just NASA, any group with disparate projects can run an instance of SpaceHub and begin mirroring their projects on GitHub.

This project is solving the Syncing NASA Open Source Projects challenge.


SpaceHub: Send Your Projects into Orbit

SpaceHub is a hosted source management service that simplifies the management of projects. Project administrators can mirror projects stored in a variety of version control systems into one central GitHub account without having to migrate the projects from their original locations. Developers can continue working with their prefered hosting while still easily sharing their work with the community through their Github account.


  • Easily set up mirrors of existing code sources, whether those are Git, Mercurial, or SVN repos, or just static files.
  • Localized issue tracking and community participation through the magic of Github.
  • Manages Github repository creation and syncing for you.
  • As many users and Github repositories as suit your needs
  • Completely free and open source, and runs on OpenShift Express (RedHat++)

Built for the NASA Space Apps Challenge to centralize NASA open source projects.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
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