This project is solving the Reach For the Stars challenge.

Fascinate our children riding a spaceship, building it and flying around our solar system. Kids (5 to 10) will go to our Spaceschool to become, step by step, astronauts or cosmonauts learning what space is, how the human space flight works and which skills they need to jump on a spaceship. This App is designed for primary school students.

The App aim is to deliver specific knowledges (science & space exploration) through the combined efforts of kids and their teachers (who will actually manage the game).

The App is designed for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows ecc.) and can also be distributed as a standalone product. In order to create the application, at this very moment we are looking DB developers, graphics designers.

Anyone willing to join our project is more than welcome.

Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
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