Our project is a mobile application for tracking and watching space objects. This app will help people to get notified if there are space occurrences about to happen near them; record those occurrences so that other people could watch it via live stream; create a Facebook event based on the date of those occurrences and invite friends; and see all those data in a calendar mode. This project is intended to increase people awareness of space objects by changing how people watch them socially.



We aim to help people track and watch space objects (meteors, ISS, satellites, etc). By socially sharing contents via this mobile app and social media, we want to increase people awareness of space objects. Using stream sharing of the objects that people wants to record, we believe more people will be interested to know about space.


A mobile app to track and watch space objects, more fun, more social


  1. Notification when Space objects are nearing
  2. See a list of upcoming Space events
  3. Record a Space events
  4. Watch streams of space events (Live or Replay)
  5. Create a Facebook event and Invite friends based on Space events
  6. See a Space Calendar (above events compiled in a calendar)


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Project Information

License: MIT License
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/poedja/SpaceTrek


Presentations - http://www.slideshare.net/poedja/space-trek
Spacetrek API - https://www.mashape.com/azbyluthfan/spacetrek