This project is solving the Solar Flare challenge.


Use a Sphero's color LED [1] to mimic solar flare activity data provided by the STEREO image gallery [2] and related data.


  • Generate a macro for use by the Sphero MacroLab application [3] that mimics a timelapse photo set of solar flare activity.
  • Convert image data [2] provided by STEREO into RGB color sets for use in macros and other projects.
  • Generate custom macros on-the-fly based on the above RGB color sets.
  • Generate an online cache of image sets to RGB color sets to make the color data available without the image processing overhead.
  • Program Sphero directly using the Artoo micro-framework for robotics [4]. Display the 'latest' image [5] provided by STEREO, or query for a custom set of images, or poll the data for realtime updates as new images become available.
  • Push realtime solar flare activity to a Sphero instead of using a pull mechanism.
  • Cause the Sphero to rumble for notifications of major solar flare activity.



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Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0
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1. Sphero -
2. STEREO gallery -
3. Sphero MacroLab app -
4. Artoo micro-framework for robots -
5. List of latest STEREO images -