This project is solving the Dark Side of the Moon challenge.

A tribute to Storm Thorgerson, the designer of the Pink Floyd album cover 'Dark Side of the Moon' who passed away recently.

This project brings a 3D print of a section of moon landscape, formed to emulate the prism used on the album cover, together with some acrylic coloured beads simulating the light passing through the prism. An internal Arduino controlled LED illuminates the acrylic beads in a pulse/fade cycle.

The main feature of the Moonscape is the crater Daedalus. In Greek mythology Daedalus means 'clever worker' and the character was a skillful craftsman and artisan, as was Storm Thorgerson.

The landscape was created using an image hosted on the USGS PDS imaging node. This image was created using data from LOLA (Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimiter). I centered the image on the co-ordinates of the crater Daedalus B at Latitude 4.1 degrees South and longitude 179.8 degrees West and imported a small section into Rhinoceros 3D and created a surface from the image section.

The git address below links to the Rhinoceros 3D (V5) and .stl files for the Daedalus output and my initial far side development work.

It should be noted that although I have included the images I used to map 2 sections of the Lunar surface these images are the property of the USGS and as such are not a part of my CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence

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