Sync works using a 3 steps rule: 1. It downloads (pulls) the remote repository to a temporary folder. 2. It checks the last recorded status and compares if there are any changes. (updates). 3. It pushes to a GitHub repository with the latest changes (commit history). Sync is automated, it does this for you every certain time. It works! Regardless of the version control system (Git, SVN, and even Zip or Tar files). Also, the intuitive UI helps the user to start using Sync in no time. Awesome.

This project is solving the Syncing NASA Open Source Projects challenge.


About Sync

Sync project aims to concentrate a very large diversity of open source projects, placed over the internet and stored in different ways, (i.e. git or svn repositories, tarballs, etc.) in one location, working as a project directory where people around the globe can find out about the current state of any NASA supported project, as well as download the code, collaborate on it, and share with other people.


For NASA purposes all the code of the projects will be posted to GitHub repositories under a GitGub NASA account. This will be synchronized with the original source of the project every certain time, configurable by the administrator.

Sync will also provide a web console administration app, that allows to manage every project being tracked by the system. This will allow the administrator to verify the state of the project, configure the synchronization settings (interval, destination repository, etc.), as well as adding more projects, and sending updates to the people involved with any project.

Project Information

License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Source Code/Project URL: