A video exploration of the concept of Voyager as a great explorer.

This project is solving the Adopt-a-Spacecraft: Voyager 1 challenge.


Mankind explores. Many people and machines have become renowned for their journeys, and Voyager is one of the great ones. A video look at Voyager's extraordinary journey, and how it equals, and goes beyond, what other explorers have accomplished.

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License: Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0
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Credits for About Video - http://www.geeksoc.org/~wnelson/events/2013-04-20-ISAC-GLASGOW/2013-ISAC-about-project-credits.txt
Credits for Project - http://www.geeksoc.org/~wnelson/events/2013-04-20-ISAC-GLASGOW/2013-ISAC-project-credits.txt
Download About Video - http://www.geeksoc.org/~wnelson/events/2013-04-20-ISAC-GLASGOW/2013-05-01-ISAC-AboutProject.mp4
Download Project Video - http://www.geeksoc.org/~wnelson/events/2013-04-20-ISAC-GLASGOW/2013-ISAC-Voyager-The_Great_Explorer.mp4