Here's a challenge for all the minds at NASA and outside to get together to unravel the mystery surrounding Ed Leedskalnin's anti gravity methods. If there's anybody the world thinks that can solve this riddle. It will be the Good folks at NASA. The idea is to create a society of intelligent, speculative, enthusiastic minds together with the sole motive to figure out Leedskalnin's biggest secret - Anti gravity. We all know there is science hidden in his tale, what's stopping the world from uncovering the truth? His book, A book in every home seems to be riddled with clues, allegories and ciphers. How about decoding it? This is a challenge aiming to answer questions about anti gravity.

The society will interact on a public/private online platform via web conferences, posting of findings, videos of attempts made, open discussions, interactions on chat etc.

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License: GNU General Public License