This project is solving the Adopt-a-Spacecraft: Voyager 1 challenge.

The Lonely Voyage logo

Lonely Voyage retraces some of the main events that took place on planet Earth while Voyager was taking its long journey to the infinity of space.

We travel alongside Voyager through a timeline that covers the fields of Sciences and technology, history, and culture.

Team :

  • Alexis Jacomy (@jacomyal): interface development (HTML and Javascript)
  • Philippe Guillebert: trajectory data processing (clojure)
  • Josquin Debaz (@josquindebaz): data crunching (python), graphics (the Gimp)
  • Nils Grünwald (@nilsgrunwald): data crunching (clojure)
  • Nolwenn Guellec (@Nolwenn_Guellec): editorial content

Thanks to :

Betty Queffelec, Marion Boucharlat, Jack Higgins, David Fossé

Project Information

License: MIT License
Source Code/Project URL:


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