Our project utilizes an arduino rover, an ultrasonic sensor, a raspberry pi computer and a mobile & PC interface all put together to provide an easy & fun learning tool for students willing to learn the control logic behind sensors, robots and chipsets & functions of the same. The Raspberry Pi was used as a server for remote connection. Three API's(Mobile, Web and PC application). A user was able to do basic robot control and learning how control structures work(if and while statements)

This project is solving the Lego Rovers challenge.


The aim of the project was to create an educational tool for any student to learn Robotics and at the same time have something entertaining. This will give students especially at an early age to be involved in STEM careers. The Rover, which combines robotics with education since it could be used to simplify the concepts of robotics and engineering in a fun enjoying way using a mobile app, web interface and PC application that can run on windows operating system.

Project Information

License: Common Development and Distribution License
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/SpaceAppsKenya/


ARDUINO CODE - https://github.com/SpaceAppsKenya/.NetRovers/blob/master/ROVER.ino
WINDOWS APP - https://github.com/SpaceAppsKenya/The-Rover_App
WEB INTERFACE - https://github.com/SpaceAppsKenya/ServerSidePi
THE ROVER - http://youtu.be/14qr98sJIfs