This project is solving the Deployable Greenhouse challenge.

The Space Cabbages aims to offer an idea for a deployable greenhouse used in outer space. Our designed greenhouse is self-sustainable and expected to last for many years without external supplies. This could be achieved by incorporating waste management and using methane clathrate as an initial supply for hydrogen which is a limited element on a non-earth planet (i.e. Mars). Nearly all wastes are recycled. Solid wastes are used for mushroom farming to provide an additional food source while liquid wastes are fed to spirullina bioreactors to provide protein and vitamin supplements for humans and nutrients for plants. Wastes from the two are further fermented by microbes to produce methane and ethanol. In addition, the remaining elements (e.g. C, H, N) are extracted. They are captured and used for the next farming cycle. These are orchestrated by the central unit and executed within the modular inflatable greenhouse. Our idea provides directions for research and practice in space farming.

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