We decided to take on the challenge to visualize Voyager 1's mission. Our app is a fun and easy way to learn about it’s journey through an interactive storyline. Our goal was to captivate the interests of a broader audience and to entice them to learn more about NASA’s missions. In the future we hope to add more crafts, fill the timeline with even more data, and make the elements more interactive.

This project is solving the Adopt-a-Spacecraft: Voyager 1 challenge.


Team Members:

Charlotte Tang / Designer

Poyan Pourshian / Designer

Jane Saptura / UX/Researcher

Kris Nicolaou / Developer

Mario Dabrowski / Developer

Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/krisnicolaou/spaceapps


App Preview - http://discovervoyager.com/
Our Presentation - http://youtu.be/1wi-xYOS4cA
An Interview At The Spaceapps Challenge in Toronto - http://vimeo.com/64475111
A Few Designs Created For The Challenge - http://dribbble.com/poyanp/projects/128452-Voyager-1