Machines made from recycled e-waste to prepare missions on Mars ! WAFATE to Mars project is an alternative proposed to the West, in the sense that it thinks a system of relocation on another planet of the computing garbage dumps; by converting them in a new generation of autonomous machines which would be put in the service of the spatial adventure. An International Collaboration between the members of WoeLab-Togo and FacLab-France.


We relocate the computing trash cans on Mars with an African 3D-Printer at the forefront of this interstellar recycling ! _Our waste for the space exploration? Rather than send its computing waste to the poor countries, why the West would not send them on Mars? But one sends in the form of autonomous machines ! Our project wants to realize this utopia. The W.AFATE, an african 3D-printer completely built in e-waste, as pioneer of this new era of the ecology and the virtuous spatial conquest.

_From recycling to Self Assembly. 4D Printing aspect. The W.AFATE will make and will print tools and machines which shall print and will make up to a new living environment over March. For a series of machines carrying this spatial great adventure witch will allow to make other active machines allowing to create all the equipment and the living environment in anticipation of a possible colonization of this planet. Create objects that can change after they are printed, making them self... Instead of building something, create materials that build themselves... Machines that produce themselves with minimum energy consumption and without a computer to order... only the environment.

_Problems which our solution resolves : 1. On earth, avoid the pollution 2. Impact on the costs of the conquest of space

_An example of International and Mass Collaboration: WAFATE to MARS is primarily an international collaboration between Africa and Europe as part of Space Apps Challenge 2013. In La Cantine/Paris Sénamé and Julien met. They mobilized the team WoeLab in Togo and worked in duplex with them to develop the project.

Team: Sénamé Agbodjinou, architect & anthropologist (WoeLab – Togo) Afate Gnikou, geographer (WoeLab – Togo) Edem Alomatsi, biology (WoeLab – Togo) Julien Déprez, designer and mechanical engineering (FacLab – France) And all the woeLab Community.

_An proposed printed object: A module of space station One of the 50 challenges ("3D Printing Contest") is to imagine an open hardware design for the European Space Agency that can be generated by a 3D printer. We develop a range of printed items that can be put at the service of the space adventure. Among them, an architecture and a living environnement for Mars are in study.

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