This project is solving the Smart Cities, Smart Climate challenge.

The purpose is an ambitious fully standalone multi-sensor device and a complete framework to upload and retrieve sensor data from anywhere in the world. Also open source examples will be created for both PC and Android OS and some 3D designs ready to be printed.

The sensors we planned to use are the Texas Instruments bluetooth SmartTag (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc), microphone for sound level, HD webcamera for pictures of the environment, ADC based "wind speed" sensor made from a computer fan, gps location. The brain of collecting data is a Raspberry Pi that is powered by solar energy with a backup battery, sending data via 2G/3G network using USB modem.

The whole sensor can be fitted inside a water proof box purchased in any store, with holes under it for temp/pressure/humidity and solar pannels on top of it. Basically it is a install and forget about it sensor, especially in Cyprus where there is a lot of sun.

Framework is developed on GitHub and will contain various programs to get sensor data, to upload data, server application to save data in database that is running now on a public ip, windows client for data visualization and android client.

Also another work in progress is to design and use a TI sensorTag as a jewelery that will be always connected to the user BLE smartphone and warn the user then certain thresholds are reached (like temperature over 35 degrees Celsius , high humidity using local sensors or solar radiation, tornado approaching in his area using Internet and gps sensor).

Project Information

License: Apache License, Version 2.0
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