This project is solving the Smart Cities, Smart Climate challenge.

We aim to encourage public engagement with their local community and climate with the benefit of providing climate/perception/behaviour data for climate health and wellbeing research, urban planning and local community climate resilience. We hope to encourage people to explore the urban area through a treasure hunt style concept. Points are awarded for speed, limited use of clues and hints and accurate guesses of the microclimate. A leaderboard will be maintained. This is similar to Letter Boxing (on Dartmoor) or geo-caching and could be styled to suit a wide spread of demographics. Users will engage primarily through a mobile phone App but they can also visit a main website to explore the collection of climate/perception/behaviour data across the city and over time. All data will be stored and made available for research purposes. Users can choose level of difficulty which may take in anything from 1 to 20 weather caching locations across the city. They can choose a walking/running route or a cycling route. Users can also search for their nearest weather cache point if they like. Users could collect weather cache points across a range of cities.

Set up should be reasonably cheap, utilising TI sensortags managed by a Raspberry Pi which creates a QR code containing the climate data and time stamp visualised and communicated to the mobile phone at each location through a screen.

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License: MIT License
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