This project is solving the Smart Cities, Smart Climate challenge.

In Panama we are trying to create awareness about Urban Climate Island.

Our project aims to develop a sensor network using the Internet National Network of Panama, with the intention of measuring temperature and relative humidity in order to study the different micro-climates that occur in the City of Panama caused by the new buildings and high density of skyscraper construction. For this purpose we want to create a system of disclosure of environmental factors such like heat index, which can affect the health of the population located in urban areas and create a database of information for the authorities to take into account the microclimates created by the construction of buildings and structures for new construction normative.

We design this system based in low cost components and materials because the environmental conditions in Panama City (and in most urban centers of our country) the weather conditions are relatively stable and with the only consideration is that the Panama City climate is marine with high levels of salinity.

We also include a server to host the data, made in python + django, that is capable of both registering the data and displaying it. The small sensors only have to call a simple address and their data is registered in the database. We use Twitter Bootstrap for the interface, Amcharts for the graphs and leafletjs for the mapping. We could also have ported the app to Google App Engine, but we decided to first make it stable in a developement server.

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