Our project is a video explaining why humans explore -- it is because of curiosity. This force has existed since the beginning of time and even today takes us to places we once thought impossible. Without curiosity, we wouldn’t have many of the things that we have today. We show this connection in a fun and creative way. However, even if exploring is good and helps us go farther, there is always a risk. We need to be careful about the things we develop and use exploration in a positive way.

This project is solving the Why We Explore challenge.


Our video addresses one of the challenges: Why we explore. In our video we present the reason we think humans have been driven to explore, and that reason is Curiosity. With this we want to show people in a fun and creativity way how exploration and curiosity are connected. It is the reason we have advanced as far as we have today. However, we need to remember that there is always a risk, and we most be careful or we could end up blowing up the world. It's a simple and funny video that anyone can enjoy and understand.

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