[email protected] is designed to be fun and inspirational. It is an android Augmented Reality implementation that has a long term goal of enabling youths and young children to engage technically, first through videos and later practical exercises e.g. games, Do It Yourself exercises etc, of space activities such as take off and space landing procedures, satellite repairs and activities of Mars Curiosity Rover.

This project is solving the Reach For the Stars challenge.


The long term vision of this is to implement augmented reality to the conventional studying used in primary and secondary schools and later universities here in Kenya to enhance the way students learn and to inspire their imagination.The plans for this have begun through talks with the Vice Chancellor of Inoorero University Professor Thairu.

[email protected] has considered the level of access to technology, internet and by extension access to NASA related material in Kenya and East African Region. Young children and youth in Kenya have access to fairly affordable smart phones that have atleast 2mega pixels camera, android OS and about 200MB storage capacity.Access may be through parents,guardians,teachers and where lucky self owned. Through mobile phone medium [email protected] seeks to bring NASA content to young people to learn and inspire.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/joseguru/Will.i.reach.git


will.i.reach - https://github.com/joseguru/Will.i.reach
[email protected] apk file - http://devs.mobi/[email protected]/Will.i.Reach.apk