This project is solving the “Catch a Meteor” Tracker challenge.

WishMaker is an application to explore different meteor sightings' and help you 'make a wish' right on your mobile phone.

Business Objective

  • Promote meteorite information and, in turn, the interest on sighting meteorites.

Project Objectives

  • Use open source technologies
  • Develop a native WishMaker system for iOS and Android
  • Develop web services with meteorite information

System Objectives

  • Notice people about new sightnings
  • Inform people about sightnings

User Experience Example

  • Whenever you explore these meteorite sightings you can have a look at interesting information about them. When you've picked your favorite sighting, you can 'make a wish' and tweet it from your mobile so your friends know about it.

Project Information

License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Source Code/Project URL: