This project is solving the Comparing Earth Landscapes challenge.


  • Develop an application that can perform comparisons of major landforms on Lunar surface, Earth and Mars.
  • Identify places where accidents occur, making a small description of them.
  • Visualize three surfaces simultaneously.


We performed an application design in the ARCGIS ESRI platform, in the one that we used different images Webmaps with the corresponding URL; each image used as the base for the new Webmap, which is performed spatial location of the feature, making the assignment of a representative each picture is used as base for a new Webmap, with the one that we realize the exact ubication of each geographical phenomenon and makes a brief description of each one. The application display allows us to have the Earth, Lunar and Martian's surface simultaneously, and by a representative symbol allows us to visualize a specific phenomenon, either a crater or volcano with a brief description.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
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