Our vision is to make a complete smart home system. The project Zarvis is a first module in this system it helps you to automate all of your home appliances from anywhere in the world with the use of merely a internet connection and a smartphone app.

Basically system consists of: 1. A android/wp7 app . 2. A windows 8 executable application. 3. A custom arduino circuit.

the user turns a light on and off through an app the app then gives the variable change to the backend php code (hosted on www.blackpearlstudioz.com) the windows 8 exe (tablet at home ) gets the variable from the server then it communicate the varible change to the arduino which in turn switch a AC device on/off through a relay. for live demonstration and overview please visit http://sdrv.ms/YESKqy

Currently we are working on implementing

All the code is on skydrive in a zip file (android source, exe source , arduino source , php source) as we have got some issues while uploading to the github and deadline is near so please find the source at skydrive URL, we will upload to the github as soon as possible and update it.

Project Information

License: BSD 3-Clause License
Source Code/Project URL: http://sdrv.ms/YESKqy