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    Each year, millions of observable, unexpected meteors encounter the Earth's atmosphere and become a spectacle to the population below.  Many of the brighter "shooting stars" actually reach the surface of the Earth, becoming "meteorites", encapsulating secrets of our universe in their charred remains.

    The meteor that fell over Chelyabinsk in February of this year produced meteorites with a mass of over 1 kg. Most meteorites, however, are very small and often break into even smaller pieces before landing in remote areas, hiding in plain sight as the moisture of Earth's atmosphere degrades them.

    Challenge Description:

    Educate the interested public about the science of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), the likelihood of encounters with objects of various sizes, and the discoveries that are made by studying these rocky visitors to our planet.  

    Functional Specifications:

    Enhance education on the subject of NEOs through visualizations, games, social media, and the building of an online community. 

    Techniques to observe with more accuracy, precision, or even with different methods (like building a radio receiver to "hear" the meteor as it encounters the ionosphere), could be shared by this community and enable it to be self-sustainable.

    Look at meteor-tracking apps like those listed below and design something similar, but with an educational spin on it.


    GMAT (http://gmat.gsfc.nasa.gov)

    Meteor Counter (http://meteorcounter.com/)

    Google Sky Map (http://www.google.com/mobile/skymap/)

    Star Walk (http://vitotechnology.com/star-walk.html)

    Meteor Shower Guide (http://www.meteorshowerguide.com/)


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    • SkyWatcher

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    • Meteoros

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    • NEOEdu

      We create an educational project of the Near-Earth Objects (NEOs)based on online site, with features the latest news, forums, multimedia (video, photos, audio), which can be accessed and understood by the public, by processing the 'real-time news and Data 'from various sources which proven and tr... Visit Project

    • CETEOR

      Ceteor is a web that educates people about how the meteor comes to earth and also can track the meteor and the user location with GPS. We also provide a simple design to enhance the experience with Ceteor's user Visit Project

    • moneo

      This project is windows phone app to bring you the latest news about near earth objects. This app is also able to visualize sky's constellation. Basically its' main purpose is for education and makes people more aware about NEO. Visit Project

    • Meteor Tracker

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    • WishMaker

      WishMaker is an application to explore different meteor sightings' and help you 'make a wish' right on your mobile phone. # Business Objective * Promote meteorite information and, in turn, the interest on sighting meteorites. # Project Objectives * Use open source technologies * Develop... Visit Project

    • R.O.T.S.A.

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    • Rastreador

      Este proyecto consiste en la construcción de un equipo que detecte y registre el ingreso de meteoros a la ionosfera, que comprende la instalación de una antena Yagi (antena de Televisión) para la transmisión y recepción que las ondas de radio, la cual trabajara en la banda entre 3 - 30 Mhz. Ademá... Visit Project

    • SignalAnalizer

      Each year, millions of observable, unexpected meteors encounter the Earth's atmosphere and become a spectacle to the population below. Many of the brighter "shooting stars" actually reach the surface of the Earth, becoming "meteorites", encapsulating secrets of our universe in their charred rema... Visit Project

    • Meteorienteer

      # Team Members # Emma Herranen - Mother of Taivaanvahti Observation Tracking System Anjuli Pullinen - Code Princess of the Unityverse Marko Kärkelä - Master of the Unityverse Anssi Eteläniemi - Qt Stargazer Ville Ranki - Qt Internet Plumber Saija Eteläniemi - Qt Shooting Star / Ex... Visit Project

    • Falling Star Finder

      Use your phone to REALLY find meteors! Stargazers in your region will go out wherever they are, set their phones down on the ground, and the phones will simultaneously snap pics of the same sky, looking to catch a falling star in 3D! [Watch our demo here!](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHm66... Visit Project

    • Catch a Meteor

      The catch a meteor project is an Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nox.catch_a_meteor) application aiming to help amateurs as well as experienced meteors observers. The application gathers the dates, times and details about the upcoming meteor showers. Plenty of usefu... Visit Project