You do not need to be a farmer in order to raise chickens. We have built a complete and functional web, android and iOS application which can help you learn how to raise chickens and how to manage your own backyard farm.

This project is solving the Backyard Poultry Farmer challenge.


We can help you become an excellent backyard poultry farmer with our web and mobile (iOS and Android) application called "ChicksBook" which helps you train and learn how to raise poultry and manage your farm effectively. We have build a complete working application.

The application functionality:


Trainings - Here you can educate yourself how to raise chickens, how to hatch chicken eggs etc... You can mark your trainings as completed when you are sure you completely understand them

Dictionary - The place where all the unknown words related with raising a chicken start to mean something...

Manage your farm

Assets - Manage all of your assets like food, heaters etc... or add a custom one. Also you can mange each asset's cost or profit.

My Farm - Manage all of your chickens - select the breed you have, the eggs you have stocked or the hatching eggs. You can choose from 60 different breeds that are raised in America and learn more about each of them

Tasks - The application automatically generates Tasks for you in case you forget to do something important. Those tasks are based on your assets, number of chickens and their breed, your location and local laws, the weather forecast. For example if you don't have enough food supplies you will be asked to go and buy some food and a list of all nearby pet shops will be provided, or if you need to vaccinate your pets the nearby vets will be provided (Currently we store information for about 50 000 pet shops and vets). This is just and example of the variety of tasks we provide.

Finances - You can get report on how much your backyard farm costs you or even better - if you sell your eggs to your neighbours - what is your benefit etc...

Calendar - You can see the history of your activities and receive updates for all events organized by U.S. Department of Agriculture

For the purpose of demo the application's functionality the web app will not use geolocation (the code doing that exists but is commented) and you will be automatically set with default geolocation. This is because currently the application has information only for USA (laws, breeds that are raised, weather forecast, vets, pet shops etc)

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
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