This project consists of two components: hardware and software. The hardware is an Arduino-based mechanical arm that points to the location of the ISS in the sky when it comes overhead. The software is an iOS app which places an icon over a map to mark the ISS's current location, and an augmented reality feature which allows the user to see a marker through their camera showing where the station is in the sky. Users can then tweet photos they take of the station.

This project is solving the Spot the Station challenge.


The ISS Base Station is a hardware-software co-design project both expanding the Spot The Station web app and allowing for a physical manifestation of its data. The software side of the project consists of a simple, Santa Tracker-style web app which tracks the position of the ISS in real time over a map of the world, and connects to an augmented-reality iOS app which allows the user to track the station in the sky. The hardware side consists of a physical device which receives data from the app and points at the current location of the space station, and lights up when the station is within a user-defined area. Our code can be found at and

If you'd like to get involved, drop us an email at [email protected]

Project Information

License: MIT License
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