Sol is the world's first interplanetary weather app. This mobile and tablet application integrates weather data from the Curiosity rover on Mars with weather data from here on Earth. This multi-platform application aims to generate mass consumer appeal through a sleek, visually appealing design that incorporates information about the conditions and temperatures on Mars.

This project is solving the Wish You Were Here challenge.



Our Mission

The mission of this application is generate mass consumer interest through a visually appealing, easy to use, Earth weather application that integrates a touch of science and education.

Companion App

A second companion app was created to augment the Sol experience. The augmented reality application offers two scenes for users to experience on Mars. The first scene allows users to a control a 3D version of the Curiosity rover as it rolls across the planet and through weather events, like a dust storm. In this scene, facts about Mars and weather on the planet appear as the rover moves around. The second scene is a 3D version of Mars that allows users to spin the planet around and read facts about the planet.


Both of these apps are driven by a custom built API called {MAAS} that integrates data from Centro de Astrobiologia (CSIC-INTA) and the Planetary Data System into a format that was developer friendly, open-sourced and readily available. You can read more about the {MAAS} API by visiting

Access To The App

It's difficult to distribute apps before they are publicly available on the app store. However, we have developed a simple way for judges to access the app in advance. To do so, please download "Fusebox" from the Apple App Store (see resources below for download link) and then email [email protected] and we will provide login to access the app.

In The News

Sol has been featured in The Verge, The Kansas City Star and on KSHB 41.


Sol is available at

App Store Download

Download Sol for iPhone in the App Store.

Project Information

License: MIT License
Source Code/Project URL:


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