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    NASA GIRLS (Giving Initiative and Relevance to Learning Science) is a virtual mentoring program using commercially available video chat programs to pair mentors at NASA with middle school girls across the United States. The program gives young girls the opportunity to interact and learn from real engineers, astronauts, scientists and technologists and inspires them to contribute to science, technology, engineering and math. They work together for five weeks in the summer on pre-defined projects which are also web-based.

    Challenge Description:

    Expand the NASA GIRLS program’s online presence to mobile and/or tablet platforms.

    Functional Specifications:

    The app-based program could include the following functionality:

    • A mobile-friendly layout of the existing website (responsive stylesheet, etc.).
    • A mobile app that serves as a complimentary companion to the website, focusing on mentor-mentee tooling and curriculum.
    • Post a lesson plan.
    • Track mentor-mentee meetings.
    • Allow mentor-mentee meetings to use video-chat, Twitter, Facebook messaging, and other methods of communication.
    • Allow mentees to post completed lesson plans and mentors to provide feedback on lesson plans.

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