This project is solving the My Virtual Mentor challenge.

We are proposing a Educational + Entertainment (Edutainment) APP that will allow a fun way to learn about NASA Curriculum from Mentor Mentee Program. Basic Principles will be:

  • Fun and Interactive
  • Practical eLearning tool
  • Interactive app between mentor and mentee

Our aim is to spark curiosity in space sciences in the youngsters

Code Name : Brainly

For use it just navigate on your smartphone (any platform) to

Source code on Just examinate Brainly folder FlashCard (index.html)

Sample Database scripts.sql


Alex Panama Team - Ad Astra

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
Source Code/Project URL:


My Virtual Mentor : Brainly (Online Demo) -
My Virtual Mentor : Brainly (how-to) -