The Virtual Mentor App or Mobile Mentor-Mentee App like our team has call it, is a collaborative application between Nasa Mentors and Students. We saw all the potential that this project has and more important the social impact. Our Idea was not only to create an application that can be use in the USA but can also make a social and global impact. With the technology created and open platforms used to develop this application Mentors from NASA can easily interact with students around the world and best of all students can interact with mentors from Nasa, this is key to have a global ecosystem and have kids (students) world wide interested in space, technology, bio-development and other interesting topics that NASA has available.

This project is solving the My Virtual Mentor challenge.


A mobile application for Mentors and Metees to have an agile and easy wat to communicate and interacted from any geographical location.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
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