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    Studies have shown that sharing information about NASA technologies and the commercial products which have resulted from those technologies increases the public’s appreciation for the space exploration. These technologies are called “spinoffs” and NASA has a publication of the same name aimed at sharing information about the benefits of NASA technologies (http://spinoff.nasa.gov/spinhist.html).  A few years ago, the NASA City and Home application leveraged existing Spinoff information to deliver a visually appealing and interactive way for the public to navigate a city or home to see where NASA benefits their daily lives. This information is now available for the International Space Station (ISS) (http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/626862main_ISS_Benefit_for_Humanity.pdf).  

    Challenge Description
    Develop a tool to improve the understanding of the incredible benefits that International Space Station is delivering back to Earth. 

    Functional Specifications
    This challenge is open-ended.  It can focus on a specific family of technologies, communications, for example, or present a comprehensive of a wide range of technologies. 

    Some examples of deliverables include, but are not limited to:

    • An interactive website which leverages the Spinoff Database, highlighting notable spinoffs.
    • An interactive map showing where and how NASA technologies are used.
    • A poster presentation doing one or more of the above.
    • A lesson plan for an elementary/middle/high-school class.

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    • Tools and parts at the Space Station.

      I want to make an app that will list out and give details about the different machines and tools that are being used on the ISS right now. The app may start with the inside view of the ISS, and users can click on each object in the picture,and see what it does and how it useful to the astronauts ... Visit Project

    • Spin Off

      A news ticker for Spinoff project. Visit Project

    • Alarm Clock App

      Teach people about the spin-off benefits of NASA and do so by reminding about it every morning. Visit Project

    • World health in ISS

      Why not bring the ISS people with different diseases within and conduct studies to know if you can completely eliminate the disease and thus discover and solve these deadly diseases hacechan the world, thanks to space medicine. Visit Project

    • The advantages of Space Exploration

      There are hundreds of examples of technologies that were developed for space exploration and we use today in our daily lives on Earth. Since the first attempts at space exploration that space agencies is developing new objects to facilitate life in space, and are used today in our homes. The obj... Visit Project

    • Did you Know?

      This project effectively uses social media to propagate NASA's significant contribution to commercial technology over the years. Content on Facebook will have a content bucket titled Did You Know. Under this bucket, a small article about the specific NASA technology implemented in a commercial pr... Visit Project

    • Artificial Gravity by Adaptation to Concentric Spinning

      BEFORE READING, FOLLOW THE LINKS TO VIDEOS BELOW. (I am hoping that, as a result of this contest, at the very least, I will be given the opportunity to get involved in a bed-rest study in order to prove that this form of exercise will work for ast... Visit Project

    • Space Friends

      Working as astronauts on Space Station to help complete tasks that will help the earth planet. This is a strategy game that you need to manage time and resources to finish each challenges. By playing this game the player will learn the benefits that Space Station brings to us. Visit Project

    • NASA Spinoff Database

      NASA Spinoff Database is an effort to index the most important pages related to investigations that have been the basis for research that are not necessarily related to astronomy Visit Project

    • Human and Robotic Interface for Orbital Debris Mitigation, Satellite Repair and Spacecraft Tasks

      The Problem: Astronaut control of R2 (Robonaut) for debris mitigation and satellite parts salvage with installation to other satellites or spacecraft assembly. Repair of satellites can lower cost of distance education delivery by the wireless technology existing today. Space benefits th... Visit Project

    • Wake Up Earth

      An alarm clock service that wakes you up when @cmdr_hadfield tweets in the morning, thus waking you up when he gets up. Visit Project

    • Stellar Stuff

      ![StellarStuff](http://wvlngth.com/Sol/stellar.jpg) ##Our Mission The mission of this application is to educate youth - particularly middle school-aged kids - in an interactive and fun way about the products that have benefitted from NASA's spinoff technology. ##Access To The App It's ... Visit Project

    • NASA in our house

      An interactive website showing to the public some of the incredible benefits that International Space Station is delivering back to Earth. This is done using several tools: a clickable overview map showing an ISS and the earth (zooming in a house), showing a similar app in a lesson path, i.e.... Visit Project