I am a prolific inventor. I have invented lots of different machines for spinning on planet earth, as well as for exercising/spinning in outer space. I believe that high-velocity concentric spinning will prove to be the best way to adapt to Outer Space. I intend to use my skills to market the attraction of Outer Space to the younger generation. I am hoping that NASA will allow me to prove myself and become an extension of their inventing/marketing team. Keep an eye out for me on TV talk shows.

This project is solving the Space Station Benefits to Humanity challenge.


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(I am hoping that, as a result of this contest, at the very least, I will be given the opportunity to get involved in a bed-rest study in order to prove that this form of exercise will work for astronauts in outer space.)

It is common knowledge that creating Artificial Gravity is an essential key to surviving prolonged exposure to the environment of outer space... Currently, all of the solutions being considered to resolve this problem involve spinning the space station, as in 2001 Space Odyssey, or using large centrifuges... I believe that it will prove to be far more beneficial, not to mention cheaper, to ADAPT to this new environment, by concentric, high-velocity spinning.

A much ignored appeal of our move into outer space is, not our ability to move from this planet to some distant planet, but to move from this planet to no planets whatsoever, floating free, even as in our most wonderful dreams... NASA would fare better if they placed some of their emphasis on FUN, rather than complicated issues... In the not too distant future, Homes will be orbiting Earth.

If the judges involved in this contest were children, I would win, hands down... Don't believe me? Show my video to your kids and watch their reaction... Interesting that their reaction is the opposite of yours, is it not? One of the problems I have had to face, over and over again, is the prejudice of adults who think they know better than I about the effects of spinning. I have been the victim of constant ridicule, harassment and character assassinations... from adults. However, most children, and many young adults, are attracted to this new form of exercise... Why?... They intuitively know they can adapt, unlike most of the older ones, who (erroneously) believe they cannot.

Some years ago, I figured out the cause of dizziness and proceed to train myself in the process of adapting to "the spin whirled." I now stand on top of a motorized platform and experience the most exhilarating form of exercise imaginable. I cannot get dizzy. I have found that most others can easily learn the same, given the appropriate equipment and instructions on how to go about adapting.

Contrary to popular opinion, the main cause of dizziness is not the inner ear… It’s the moving light. Your vision is used for navigational purposes… (Try balancing on one foot and close your eyes.) When a ballerina spins, she keeps her eyes focused on a single spot, quickly whipping her head around to focus on the spot during each turn. By stabilizing her visual perspective, she can stay balanced and not get dizzy. If the inner ear were the main cause of dizziness, this activity would have the opposite effect. The inner ear presents a problem when you shift your head… However, even this form of disorientation can be overcome with practice.

Using High-velocity, concentric spinning, exposes all body parts to extreme Gs, simultaneously... One should not underestimate the importance of that last statement... I am exposing every molecule of my body to heavy weights. At 240 rpm, my current average speed, my body is being exposed to almost 20 Gs at 12 inches away from the central axis of rotation... At 6 inches, it's 10 Gs and so forth. The amazing thing about this form of exercise is that, despite the enormous amount of exercise you are receiving, it is basically somewhat effortless, compared to other forms of exercise, because a motor is doing the work. Although this may seem a contradiction, because we associate work with exercise... believe me, if you were to experience this, you would know what it feels like to have your body being, somewhat, torn apart, from the inside out. Because of how it makes me feel, and because the forces are so extreme, I have come to the conclusion that only a few minutes, throughout the day, are adequate to keep the body and mind in excellent shape.

Another reason for investigating the effects of high-velocity spinning is this: The absence of gravity causes what appears to be accelerated aging... Is it not logical, therefore, to presume that subjecting one's body to extreme levels of artificial gravity might have the opposite effect?.. Especially in outer space... As we all know, exercise is the single most important factor in extending our life span.

Aside from the misconception that the average person cannot adapt to this form of exercise, there is also the misconception that concentric spinning will not work because, at the center of the rotating body, there are no Gs... Let me point out to you that, if you take a worm and crazy glue it, at the center, on top of a motor shaft, turn on the juice and watch what happens... The worm will tear apart at the center because all forces are pulling away from the center. Furthermore, you must take into account that, once one has adapted to this form of exercise, it is quite easy to shift one's body in relation to the central axis of rotation, thereby exposing all body parts to extreme Gs.

Following the time that I began learning to spin, I found that I was suddenly able to create two separate melodies while performing on the keyboards (I am an improvisational musician.) Now, I am able to perform improvisational rounds (I challenge any other musician to match my skill at this one unique ability) My reading skills seemed to improve... and other things, especially psychological benefits... While spinning at the Orlando Science Center I met a teacher who directed me to balametrics.com, and I began to formulate an understanding of what was happening to me. I found out about Sensory Integration and learned about a child who was cured from his learning disability, going from flunking school to straight A's and on the honor roll, after spinning in a hammock suspended from the ceiling, twice a day, for two 45 minute sessions... I am now convinced that the mental strain of this unique form of exercise is very beneficial.

From an online source (http://triplehelixblog.com/2012/04/biological-and-psychological-effects-of-human-space-flight/) comes the following information: "There are also several neurological consequences to space flight. In one notable experiment, the brains of rats sent to space aboard space shuttle Columbia were examined. Compared to the ground controls, space rats’ brains had significantly fewer connections between neurons18. This finding might help to explain the slower reaction times of astronauts in space in a series of tests19." Given that the absence of gravity has such an effect, it seems logical to presume that exposing the body to extreme Gs might have the opposite effect. This also tends to support my belief that spinning, aside from benefits such as improving my performance as a musician, has quickened my reflexes.

The destiny of our species rides on our shoulders. The potential for evolving is in each of us (Epigenetics). I believe that a critical element of this process is Desire (to improve, to evolve, to survive), combined with Intellectual Intent.. I believe it is important to understand this. If we don't, then we are, at the very least, missing out on a lot of fun and, at the very most, contributing to the demise of our species.

I have developed a clear understanding of why I want to adapt and how to go about doing so.

There is a strong sense of the connection between mind and body when one engages in the exercise of high velocity spinning. It is difficult to differentiate between one and the other. Key to success is staying focused on the body and its position in space.

The most common cause of all human suffering is depression and psychological ailments… I believe that adapting to "the spin whirled" has the wonderful effect of tearing loose the debilitating effects of internal dialogue, and problems of mental anguish, by forcing the mind to stay focused on one's physical presence... And, following in the wake of the adaptive process, there are unexpected benefits will come your way.

Everything is spinning. The subatomic particles in your body are spinning on a planet that is rotating in a galaxy that is spiraling. It’s the most popular dance in the universe.

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