Stellar Stuff is an interactive digital tool that takes data from NASA's spinoffs database and turns it into an educational resource for kids. The tablet application provides an interactive learning experience through gamification, allowing kids to gain a better understanding of NASA's impact on their lives. Kids can test their knowledge with a quiz and earn badges to share on social media sites.

This project is solving the Space Station Benefits to Humanity challenge.



Our Mission

The mission of this application is to educate youth - particularly middle school-aged kids - in an interactive and fun way about the products that have benefitted from NASA's spinoff technology.

Access To The App

It's difficult to distribute apps before they are publicly available on the App Store. However, we have developed a simple way for judges to access the app in advance. To do so, please download "Fusebox" from the Apple App Store (see resources below for download link) and then email [email protected] and we will provide login to access the app.

In The News

Stellar Stuff has been featured in The Kansas City Star and on KSHB 41.


Stellar Stuff is available at

Project Information

License: MIT License
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