• Tampere sents it's humble thanks to Space Apps Challenge attendees, sponsors and organizers - we couldn't have done it without you!

    6 months ago we started our journey: one of our core members, Sointu, had talked with NASA personnel about hosting the Space Apps Challenge in Finland. Being too interesting to miss, we started building the event at our weekly meetings and, before we knew it, we started to talk about Finnish speakers and other things we could do in addition to the actual hacking and development. Our vision grew and grew, and soon enough we had the whole weekend planned to the brim with speakers both local and foreign. We entered the official participant countries on the NASA website and felt like space pioneers in our own context, being the northmost participation place and getting Finland on the map of active space enthusiasts.

    The weekend was filled with fun, excitement and lots of like-minded people coming together to tackle the challenges sent out by NASA and ESA. The speakers were very good, so much so that some participants complained about not being able to both participate in the challenges and attend the talks, a sort of positive problem. We all met new people, both locally and globally through Internet, and learned together about the issues related to our next explorative frontier. At the end, we were all exhausted and tired, but equally happy and glad to have taken this journey together. And even though the event has just passed, we're already talking about and making arrangements for the second Finnish Space Apps Challenge. We're glad to announce that we'll be hosting the next event on a cruise ship, the Viking Grace!

    As a conclusion, we'd like to thank each and everyone of the participants, speakers, volunteers and organizers for their time and efforts. Also many thanks to our sponsors, we couldn't have done without you: AppCampus, Holvi, Symbio, Rovio, Arch Red, Futurice and Servergy. Big thanks also goes to CloudSigma and Dimension Data for offering their cloud services to the Space Apps Challenge participants. And of course we'd like to thank NASA for coming up with and hosting this international event and inspiring and activating all of us to do our part in space exploration and technology development. Without you, the event wouldn't have reached the scale that it did. Thank you all!

    Until next year, this is the Spaceship crew, wishing you all a very spacey year 2013! See you next year ;)

    Lead organizers

    Sointu Karjalainen
    [email protected]
    +358 40 823 5371

    Jarkko Moilanen
    [email protected]

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    Projects Receiving Local Awards

    The Nokia Developer Programme award - Mobile Visual Interface
    The Most Active Helping Hand - instantspot
    The Most Active in Social Media - To infinity and beyond
    SPACESHIP 2013 WINNER - Meteorienteer
    SPACESHIP 2013 WINNER - Spaceveggies



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