This project is solving the Spot the Station challenge.

Instant messaging is the most ubiquitous form of communication nowadays. This project aims at making spotting the space station available through instant messaging. At the backbone will be the XMPP protocol. Through the many available xmpp-transports it will be possible to interface to most popular messaging protocols (e.g. Gtalk, Yahoo, ICQ, SMS, ...).

Current status as of 2013-04-21T17:02:00 UTC:

  • Bot can be started. xmpp:[email protected] (during development it is on and off a lot though, will stabilize and leave it running in an hour or two though)
  • Bot answers to command 'where' with current position of the ISS by querying it through json API at
  • Bot can be sent location information and queries latitude and longitude through JSON api of
  • Bot is available over xmpp, gtalk, msn: [email protected], yahoo: [email protected] and temporarily answers by text message to phone calls to a certain phone number.

For verbose status check the

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
Source Code/Project URL:


sources for the bot -