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    NASA launched the Spot the Station website (http://spotthestation.nasa.gov) on November 2 and was immediately a hit with 100,000 viewing the site in just five days and 250,000 in a few weeks. The site allows you to spot the space station and sign up for alerts when it flies overhead.

    Challenge Description

    • Extend the functionality of the Spot the Station site by building an app that allows you to share your sightings with others.
    • Create a visualization with Spot the Station data.

    Functional Specifications

    Spot the Station App

    • The app should extend the functionality of the site and allow for the aggregation the sightings of others from around the world on a map.
    • Push notification when the space station is nearby.
    • Did you see it? Yes or No. If No, why?
    • Integration with weather service data
    • Integrate with social media to let your friends know you saw it as well.


    • Create a mashup or app that visualizes the data from the Spot the Station app.
    • Integrate with social media updates from crew in space station, such as twitter updates.

    Other ideas for functionality

    • What experiments are being performed on the ISS today?
    • Social media updates from the crew in space.
    • Integrate ISS tracking into tracking of other things, like space junk and other satellites.
    • The ISS often changes course because something else is happening, it has to navigate around space junk, etc.


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  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • ISS Live Tile

      Windows Phone app that (should) show a Live Tile with the next visible passes of the ISS at your current location. Source code not yet only at this time (only started on sunday to adapt an earlier started project, not yet finished or published)... Visit Project

    • TrackStation

      Develop a mobile application for consult the localization of the ISS at real time, the application notify when the ISS is around of the user with a list of days and hours of whale watching, also the application has a gallery of the ISS. Visit Project

    • ICS

      An app that visualizes the data from the Spot the Station app Integrated with social media to share on social media websites. Integrated with other services Push notifications Live updates about ISS Social media updates from the crew in space We plan to build an android app which calls t... Visit Project

    • ISS Locator

      Create augmented reality app that helps you locate the space station on the sky in relation to the other stars. Using the service provided and adding push notifications. All this wrapped for Windows Phone. Ideas for Windows 8 as well. Technologies: 1. XNA 2. XAML 3. WP8 Visit Project

    • Space Jam

      A social app for people to report their viewings of the ISS station and compete against the world for the title of "Most ISS-Friendly Area". Visit Project

    • A beam of hope : Satellite Reflector

      Summary: Did you know you can find various artificial satellites in the sky? The project is making an application "Satellite Reflector". It can changed from your smile and sigh to "A beam of hope". And also it delivers them to the other side o... Visit Project

    • On The Sky

      OnTheSky is a web application that aims to extend the functionality of NASA's SpotTheStation Website. Visit Project

    • Lugar de observacion en el espacio

      Proyecto con el cual uno podra observar y saber cuando la estacion espacial pasara cerca de tu casa Visit Project

    • lociss

      make a web/mobile app that will 1. locate the position of ISS relative to user on a map 2. guides the user to ISS's location in the sky - use both ground and sky map 3. use the camera on the phone to show where to look 3. show the ISS's path in the sky 2. include data from weather service ... Visit Project

    • Spot the Station on GoogleGlass

      GoogleGlass API has been released in less than a week ago. i have no glass yet but i want to learn how it works and how can it be used to spot the station. Visit Project

    • spotyourstation

      Spot the station in the android version. We calling it SPOT YOUR STATION. Visit Project

    • ISS spotter

      Develop a social app for Space Station sightings. Will only allow you to check in at times when the Space Station is overhead. May have achievements based on a certain number of checkins. Visit Project

    • spotthestation

      The mobile app will provide the user with information about the current ISS position. When the station is above, the user would be able to share a photo of the station in the sky, or just a comment about that event. We aim to achieve this using http://www.icenium.com/. Skype: multikom4o Visit Project

    • Compass Station

      it is a compass to found the international space station in a especific point of the earth Visit Project

    • My ISS

      Use this App to find out the location of the ISS and the current experiments being conducted at the ISS Visit Project

    • Track ISS

      This app is going to show you the current location of the ISS, and when its near your location and if its available to see it, the app will send you a push notification saying you the visible time of the ISS and invite you to track it. With augmented reality the app will show you and aproximat... Visit Project

    • Next Sight

      A simple display for the exit form a science centre that shows the next time the ISS is likely to be visible. Importantly it excludes times when visibility will be low so as to give the member of the public, who in all probability has only just found out that they can see the ISS from Earth, the ... Visit Project

    • Team Centauri - Cross Platform & AR Spot the Station

      PROJECT DESCRIPTION We spent the weekend of the 20th/21st April developing a cross-platform mobile/web app in York, UK to solve the Spot the Station challenge! We coded the app using JavaScript & HTML5, with an emphasis on making the app compatible with all devices, forms and operating syst... Visit Project

    • WhereISS

      The WhereISS (where-'is'-ISS) project aims to address the Spot The Station challenge. It is an iOS application using MapKit and data from Open Notify to plot and determine the current location of the ISS above Earth. Features include: 01: Plotting and tracking the current location of ISS on M... Visit Project

    • spotthestationapp

      An android application that tracks the ISS and notifies user of pass times Visit Project

    • spothestationandroid

      This is an android application that tracks the ISS and gives notifications about future passes in your location. Visit Project

    • ISS Notifier

      ISS Notifier ISS Notifier is an iOS App that allow you to see the location of International Space Station in Realtime. It will set up reminder when ISS passes your location. Visit Project

    • instantspot

      Instant messaging is the most ubiquitous form of communication nowadays. This project aims at making spotting the space station available through instant messaging. At the backbone will be the XMPP protocol. Through the many available xmpp-transports it will be possible to interface to most pop... Visit Project

    • ISSWave

      The ISSWave app is an extension to the current Spot the Station service. Utilising the Open Notify API to pull in ISS location data and pass predictions, providing users with information about when they can spot and #ISSWave to the International Space Station, complete challenges and collect badg... Visit Project

    • Waystation

      Overview ======== Waystation’s mission is to connect the people of Earth with the astronauts in the International Space Station. The iPhone app notifies users when the ISS is above them and visible. The users can then take a photo of themselves waving and leave a message for the astronauts. T... Visit Project

    • Spot the Station

      This project allows users to receive notifications about whereabouts of ISS and enables users to receive notifications about it. Visit Project

    • iSpot It!

      DID YOU SPOT IT? SHARE IT! : This page of the iPhone app utilizes the Geolocation functionality of the iPhone to determine the users location. A map pops up and shows the users location. Once the location is tracked the user can share their sighting to their facebook or twitter page by clicking... Visit Project

    • ISS Base Station

      The ISS Base Station is a hardware-software co-design project both expanding the Spot The Station web app and allowing for a physical manifestation of its data. The software side of the project consists of a simple, Santa Tracker-style web app which tracks the position of the ISS in real time ove... Visit Project

    • Spot The Station AUT

      We are working on an Android app to allow users to track the location of the Space Station using their mobile phone and share their photos of the Space Station with other users around the world via our server and Twitter. Users can add a comment along with the photo to let others know whether the... Visit Project

    • T-10

      The Idea ----------- We wanted to create an app that could be used in space to save astronauts time. Since astronauts enjoy taking photographs, we came up with the idea of making this process easier and saving them time. We flipped the “Spot the Station” challenge on its head and T-10 was born.... Visit Project

    • StationSpotter

      # A web app created to allow users to view the location of the ISS in real time as it orbits a 3d in browser model earth.. # Created using open standards, Earth was created in 24 hours using [three.js](http://threejs.org/). Visit Project

    • SpotApp

      ## The problem There is a NASA's web site that send notifications when the ISS flies overhead a position, but it doesn't have social features losing an important communication channel that could be used to make diffusion of the spacial exploration. ## Proposal Smartphones are... Visit Project

    • Spot The ISS

      The project is based on the development of two mobile Apps, one for iOS and the other one for Android, it also have a Webpage to save statistics for the personalized interaction. The main objective is to use a mix of mobile technologies and social networks to make possible for more people to com... Visit Project

    • Augmented Reality International Space Station - ARISS

      #Our Goal We mainly wanted to address a need that we think is common to people trying to spot the station, we had this need some months ago when a colleague told us that the IIS will be visible from our city with best possibilities from a place away from light pollution and smog. So we went ... Visit Project

    • Cupola Rider

      A web and mobile app experience from the perspective of the ISS crew in the Cupola. Showcasing your current location on Earth. Utilising Google maps and Google Earth for the mapping, alongside the Open.Notify API for live ISS location data. Visit Project