We created an android app that download the future pass of the ISS at your current position and add them to the phone calendar allowing the user to sync it with Google servers. Also you can report if you can see the ISS, then send the report to Facebook's friends and other users of the app so they can say: "If others (other people) can see the ISS, I can do it too!". It's has integration with weather, showing an icon of the ISS if your are able to see the station.

This project is solving the Spot the Station challenge.


The problem

There is a NASA's web site that send notifications when the ISS flies overhead a position, but it doesn't have social features losing an important communication channel that could be used to make diffusion of the spacial exploration.


Smartphones are everywhere these days. People use them to connect with friends and share information. We can use this to reach all the people that don't know of spacial exploration with status update of their friends in social networks. Show people that NASA is hard working expanding our understanding of the space and that effort can be seen from home with only knowing when rise the head to the sky.

Android Application

We created an Android app that allow the user to configure alerts, with only a touch in the screen, when the ISS flies overhead, send a report to other users of the app and Facebook's friends.

Future events

Calendar integration

Future spots can be added to the phone's calendar, so the user can sync the events with Google.

Adding an event to the calendar

Seeing other users

Reports of the last 3 hours can be can be seeing in the map. If other users can see the ISS, You too!


User can report to Facebook's friends and other people using the app, that he can see the ISS

Reporting the event

Weather integration

The app download the weather at current position. If there are no clouds, an icon of the ISS will be show in the map, otherwise an icon with a red cross on the ISS.

A good and a bad day to see the ISS


  • Extend the app to alert of other space objects in the sky.

  • Create a social network of enthusiasts of space exploration around the app, allowing them to share events, experiences and tips on observation of space objects.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/spaceappchile/team05


Server - https://bitbucket.org/haskmell/spot-server-python/overview
Presentation (Spanish) - https://github.com/spaceappchile/team05/blob/master/presentacion.pdf?raw=true
Demo APK (Android) - https://github.com/spaceappchile/team05/blob/master/com.generic.spotapp-1.apk?raw=true
Presentation (English) - https://github.com/spaceappchile/team05/blob/master/presetacion_en.pdf?raw=true